Burnout is a chronic crisis related to work, career or a professional role.

It is recognized as a set of symptoms caused by long-term stress regarding professional duties and the nature of work environment.

Symptoms and causes of burnout

Understood as an organism's response at physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral levels, burnout is usually caused by work overload, taking responsibility for difficult tasks, or intense social contact.

The reason can also be boring and monotonous duties or - paradoxically - lack of tasks. The effects of burnout can be very painful to health and mental well-being and have a negative impact on social contacts, professional effectiveness as well as sense of meaning and purpose of life.

Burnout test

By completing the test, you will find out if burnout affects you how it might disrupt your functioning.

The test is not a final diagnosis, it only gives a clue in the area of your ​​functioning at work. Final diagnosis requires in-depth consultation with a specialist: coach, psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

The test was taken from the concept of Christina Maslach.