My name is Aleksandra Błaszczyk.


I am an interpersonal skills trainer, coach and HR consultant. My mission is to help people and organizations prevent burnout and support their growth in coherence with their needs, goals and values.


Burnout is a time-limited response to a difficult situation. It means that the source of the problem is external and lies in the professional environment, the requirements and nature of the position, the atmosphere and quality of relationships in the workplace.
Burnout is manifested by emotional exhaustion, negativity and a cynical attitude, and a sense of lack of personal achievement.
The effects of burnout are experienced in many dimensions: physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioral. This means that both body, mind and soul suffer.
Burnout is not a disease, however, if not taken care of, it leads to many serious coronary system diseases, mood disorders and even Parkinson's disease.
Intervention at an early stage guarantees a getting back to a good shape & retrieves motivation to work.


My mission is to help people and organizations prevent burnout and support their growth in coherence with their needs, goals and values. Let me show you an opportunity for a better, truly fulfilled life hidden in burnout!


I help clients recognize and respond effectively to burnout. I support leveling its effects as well as designing a further satisfying career. I offer comprehensive support, from burnout diagnosis to consultation with elements of crisis intervention to career coaching.


I educate organizations in burnout prevention. I support in creating work conditions favorable to sustained employee involvement and ethical business goals achievement.  I consult HR departments, provide diagnosis of healthy work style and design and solutions to meet the company's needs.


I raise public awareness of burnout as a occupational phenomenon and promote ways of dealing with it. I publish articles, posts and vlogs related to the subject, run open lectures, workshops and group coaching. I speak at conferences and give interviews as a burnout expert.

Clients' testimonials

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Maciej Pytel Kraków
I approached coaching with some doubt. Coaching? Why? Everyone should know what they want to do and how to achieve it. It probably is for those who do not think about life at all and cannot decide about themselves. However, after a few meetings it turned out that I was very wrong. Ola systematized my view on professional development and encouraged me to think more deeply about what I actually want to achieve. As every good coach, she did not impose any solutions, she made me discover many important things about myself, which I may have already known before, but I did not realize. She managed the conversation efficiently, which allowed me to explore my thoughts and desires hidden in everyday turmoil. I can definitely recommend Ola as a great coach!
Anita Smiełowska Kraków
Each hour of coaching with Ola was like a wonderful pearl among daily responsibilities. It me gave time to stop, think about what matters, what I have already achieved, and how I would I want to move on. After each meeting, I had a sense of order and harmony, I knew what to do next to move in the direction I set, to face challenges and feel confident that I would succeed. I already know how to consciously plan my professional future and what is important to me in my personal life. With Ola listening more than speaking, I was able to discover ideas and solutions that seem really simple and logical, but for some reason have never occurred to me before! I highly recommend coaching as a method and Ola as a coach!



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