My mission is to help people and organizations prevent burnout and support their growth in coherence with their needs, goals and values. Let me show you an opportunity for a better, truly fulfilled life hidden in burnout!


I help clients recognize and respond effectively to burnout.


I support leveling its effects as well as designing a further satisfying career.


I offer comprehensive support, from burnout diagnosis to consultation with elements of crisis intervention to career coaching.


I educate organizations in burnout prevention and employees’ energy management.


I support in creating work conditions favorable to sustained employee involvement and ethical business goals achievement.  I consult HR departments, provide diagnosis of healthy work style and design and solutions to meet the company's needs.


I also conduct workshops and coaching with elements of crisis intervention for employees at risk of burnout or those who experience difficulties associated with this phenomenon.


I raise public awareness of burnout as an occupational phenomenon and promote ways of dealing with it.


I publish articles and vlogs related to the subject, run open lectures, workshops and group coaching.


I speak at conferences and give interviews as a burnout expert.