I educate organizations on burn-out prevention and energy management.


I support in creating work conditions that help maintain employee engagement and achieve business goals in ethical manner. My offer of consulting for HR and Management Board includes diagnosis of organizational health as well as solutions that support it.


I offer educational workshops on burn-out phenomenon for Managers and employees at a risk of burn-out and crisis coaching for those who face difficulties facing this phenomenon.


If being HR Manager you face the following challenges:

  • high staff turnover
  • frequent sick leaves and holidays on demand
  • a visible decrease in motivation among employees and a drop of work quality
  • high stress levels affecting the results

I am happy to help you diagnose the sources of problems and point out possible solutions.

Together we will carry out:

  • work environment analysis
  • we recognize the most common stress that increase the risk of burnout
  • we will examine the well-being of employees
  • we review the competences of managers necessary for proper motivation and crisis management

Thanks to consultation with me you will gain a better understanding of where it hurts and you will make a decision on solutions aimed at improving the situation.


Crisis as a part of life can strike anyone at any given moment. Personal cost of crisis are mood disorders, life disorganization and decreased efficacy. Moreover, it doesn’t limit its range to personal life, but might significantly jeopardize motivation and performance at work.  So the risk of failing business results is a logical consequence and will materialize sooner or later. This leads to a conclusion that a popular notion “It is not personal, it’s business” has never been valid. Modern organizations understand that it is not possible to dismiss emotions and personal experiences when entering the office door. That’s why what’s business, has become personal. At the same time, to make it happen, organizations are taking an effort in creating atmosphere of trust, openness and inclusion.

To support leaders in creating conditions for open-minded discussion about crisis, I would like to offer a training program focused on raising awareness about crisis with special attention to work-related burnout.

Objectives of the program:

  • Understanding crisis as a psychological phenomenon
    • Roots & nature of crisis
    • Distinguishing types of crisis, it’s stages, levels and intensity
  • Understanding work-related burnout as one of the most common work-related types of crisis
    • Learning about symptoms and dynamics of work-related burnout
    • Identifying roots of burnout
    • Acknowledging organizational responsibility for employees’ burnout
  • Preventing & reacting to burnout
    • Identifying areas of organizational influence on burnout prevention
    • Defining strategies and means of burnout management
  • Practicing skills of mental health first aid
    • Supporting an employee in work-related burn-out
    • Managing team motivation in the face of peer’s burnout

Benefits for the participants:

  • Knowledge about burnout prevention
  • An in-depth understanding of burnout phenomenon
  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of burnout
  • Confidence to step in, reassure and support an employee in distress
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgmental listening
  • Ability to embrace employee’s anxiety related to potential work loss
  • Strategies of burnout management in the team to ensure business continuity

Depending on the needs of the organization, the training can be organized in one or two days.


Contemporary business provides huge development opportunities. A multitude of job offers, career paths and forms of employment are very tempting.

At the same time, the modern working environment is bombing us with challenges to the extent that it gets increasingly difficult to focus on what is important.

In the everyday race between stimulating work and demanding personal life, it's easy to lose a grip of what’s the most important.

Therefore the employer's role in creating an organizational culture that supports sustainable work style has never been so crucial.


If you want to support your employees in managing mental energy and toughness, I encourage you to get familiar with my learning offer:

  • Educational workshop: Burnout - everything you want to know, but were afraid to ask
  • Stress management and stress reduction
  • Energy management
  • Assertiveness
  • Work time organization
  • Work-life integration
  • Mental Resistance

The trainings are carried out in flexible 4-8 and 16-hour formats in Polish and English.