My mission is to help people and organizations prevent burnout and support their growth in coherence with their needs, goals and values.


I help clients recognize and respond to burnout effectively.


I support leveling burnout’ effects as well as designing further satisfying career.


I offer comprehensive support, from burnout diagnosis to consultation with elements of crisis intervention to career coaching.



My offer is based on several modules.

I will customize it for you depending on your needs.


If you struggle with difficulties at work, experience a decrease in motivation and feel anxiety related to your further career path, I invite you for diagnostic consultation.


During the consultation:

  • I will look at your professional situation and problems you encounter.
  • I will diagnose whether you are struggling with burnout or another type of professional crisis and we will measure its intensity.
  • We will discover the source of your difficulties
  • Together we will consider and work out effective ways of dealing with the situation

Thanks to consultation with me you will find an answer to a question why burnout affected you. You will understand better your mental and physical condition, tame your anxiety and learn about your options for dealing with the crisis.

In case of mild burnout, consultation is often sufficient, as it broadens awareness and provides an ad hoc solution.

Investment: PLN 300


If the diagnosis made during the initial consultation shows moderate to heavy burnout, I encourage you to continue our meetings in a form of crisis coaching.

Crisis coaching contains elements of crisis intervention and guarantees my support throughout the whole process.

Crisis coaching aims at:

  • identifying the sources of your burnout
  • eliminating stress or learning how to manage them
  • developing a recovery plan
  • reviewing and reevaluating your beliefs about work
  • understanding motions associated with burnout and learning how to manage them
  • taking care of important relationships that may be exposed during the crisis
  • rebuilding your mental energy
  • strengthening self-esteem
  • learning to set healthy boundaries

Thanks to crisis coaching you will return to your former shape, strengthen your mental resilience and use the constructive power of crisis to face difficulties.

The process takes up to three months depending on what damage the burnout has done to your life.

I want you to be aware that at the stage of crisis coaching my work style is directive and sometimes takes the form of consultation or intervention than coaching.

Investment: 200 PLN / h

Sessions package from 3 and up: 5% discount


Burnout often results in a reevaluation of the current career path. Sometimes, there is no option to return to your current role or work style.

Then I invite you to a (anti-) career coaching.

It will be a creative process of:

  • seeking answers to questions about the meaning of work
  • defining your resources, talents and strengths
  • establishing a new relationship with work
  • seeking your professional vocation ...

... and many more, because the content of our sessions depends on you and your needs in the search for a new career path.

For my part, you can count on indirect accompaniment, inspirations, visualizations, mental experiments, and exercises that will broaden your career horizons and help you find a job that matches your values.


Investment: 200 PLN / h


Sessions in the package for 3 and more: 5% discount



According to WHO, every second person in the world has been experiencing burnout. Data from Polish labor market are not far behind.  National Health Fund estimates it is every fourth person. This means that 25% of our work force is struggling with the crisis. At the same time, everyone experiences it in isolation, shame and sense of failure. On top of that there’s fear of potential unemployment fueled by emotional exhaustion & tunnel vision.


To make the experience of burn-out not only tolerable, but also creative and constructive, I created a program that combines a support group and self-development workshop focused on recovering lost energy and potential. When creating the program, I referred to my own burnout experience and what was helpful to me in the process of getting out of the crisis. I supplemented it with elements that I personally lacked, and in retrospect I see that they would bring enormous support and accelerate my recovery.


Classes last 8 weeks. The meetings last 3 hours and take place once a week.

Each meeting is dedicated to a different issue related to burnout:


1. Burnout - a professional crisis as an opportunity

Introductory workshop with elements of psycho-education

  • You will learn what burnout is and what are the reasons it happened to you
  • You decide what ad hoc steps you should take to avoid the crisis getting worse

2. Burnout and what's next? - orienteering

Workshop on revising resources, opportunities and one’s potential

  • During the workshop you will find out what supports you in a crisis situation and what blocks you from getting out of it.
  • You will gain awareness of your resources and realize that burnout is not the end of the world.
  • You may also notice that burnout happened to you for a reason

3. Why did I burn out? - energy management

Workshop exploring the issue of mental energy, its sources and methods of its recovery.

  • During the workshop you will have the opportunity to reflect on your lifestyle and behavior at work.
  • You will plan specific steps that will help you recharge and gradually rebuild your mental energy.

4. On fire or burning down? - mood swings during burnout

Workshop on emotion flow in burnout and how to manage it

  • During the workshop you will understand why you experience mood swings and learn to interpret them.
  • Thanks to the workshop you will learn to manage your well-being and regulate it in an effective way.

5. Brain is my friend – working on supporting beliefs

Workshop devoted to the role of beliefs about work and professional role

  • During the workshop you will learn about your beliefs about work and evaluate how much they support you in overcoming the crisis and pursuing goals that are important to you.
  • You will have the opportunity to choose and consolidate those that are healthy and uplifting for you.

6. What people will say - working with relationships and borders

Workshop on how crisis impacts important relationships

  • During the workshop you will look at how your crisis affects your relationships and learn how to manage its impact.
  • You will also examine your borders and set them again to protect you in the future.

7. When habit becomes one's nature - working with habits

Workshop on habits and their role in healthy functioning

  • You will look at work style habits and evaluate their validity.
  • You will reach to your deep needs and remodel habits into those that support you.

8. Like a phoenix from ashes - working with vision

Workshop devoted to building a vision of a professional future based on burnout experience

  • During the workshop you will believe in your professional dreams again
  • You will develop a plan for achieving your professional goals and gain confidence in pursuing them


Condition of participation in the group: diagnostic consultation beforehand with me

Classification: people with mild to moderate burnout or at a risk of burnout. People with severe burnout can join only after consulting a doctor or therapist.

The group has a closed character.

Number of seats: 12

Investment: PLN 1,500


This service is for you if:

  • the last time you took part in recruitment process was in the last century
  • you have no idea how to write your resume
  • or what to post on LinkedIn
  • you don't know where to look for a job
  • you can't talk to recruiters
  • the prospect of interview scares you

I will help you face all these challenges by:

  • I will help you write your resume and customize it for particular job offers
  • I will help you create your profile on LinkedIn
  • I will familiarize you with modern trends in recruitment
  • I will teach you where to look for a job nowadays
  • I will practice a recruitment interview with you

Thanks to this, you will gain confidence and prepare to participate in the recruitment process for your dream position, and thus increase your chances of success in recruitment.

Investment: 200 PLN / h

Sessions in the package for 3 and more: 5% discount