Iwona Chlebek Krakow

Needing changes in my professional career I decided to meet with a coach. Ola through a series of tasks and exercises allowed me to notice in myself the features and skills that were invisible to me. Thanks to these meetings I can determine what kind of work is right for me. Also, I have increased the sense of my professional value in the labor market. Now I'm intensively looking for my new job keeping in mind the meetings with Ola and I will remember about them when I go to interviews. The meetings took place in a calm, pleasant atmosphere, which gave the impression that almost one-hour sessions lasted only a moment, and finally leaving the room I realized how much I learned about myself. Ola Błaszczyk is the first coach I have met and if I ever need motivation or a change of direction in my new professional career, I will definitely use her services. So maybe someday we'll meet again, Ola.

Magda Pająk Bielsko-Biała

I am very happy that I could work with Ola on my professional path. She was always prepared, cordial and at the same time objective. She was great at helping me pass through difficult times. I felt cared for and at the same time "pushed" forward in my development I appreciated motivating exercises and a lot of potential, strengths and professional opportunities that I discovered in myself. I highly recommend contacting Ola, the coach!

Maciej Pytel Kraków

I approached coaching with great detachment and some doubt. Coaching? What for? Everyone knows what they want to do and how to achieve it? It probably is for someone who does not think about life at all and cannot decide about his fate. However, after a few meetings it turned out that I was very wrong. Ola systematized my view of professional development and allowed me to think more deeply about what I actually want to achieve. As befits a good coach, she did not impose any solutions, she made me discover many important things about myself, which I may have already known before, but I did not realize. She managed the conversation efficiently, which allowed her to learn her thoughts that were so deep that they did not appear in the sheer volume of daily duties. I can definitely recommend Ola as a great coach!

Anita Smiełowska Krakow

Each hour of coaching with Ola was a wonderful pearl on a day full of professional and parental responsibilities. It gave time to stop, think about what is important to me, what I have already achieved, and where I want to go on. After each meeting, I had a sense of order and harmony, I knew what to do next to move in the direction I set, to face challenges and feel confident that I would succeed. I already know how to consciously plan my professional future and what is important to me in my personal life. Ola listening more than speaking, with the right questions she was able to lead to a number of ideas and solutions that seem really simple and logical, and it was a wonder that he had never thought of it before! I highly recommend coaching and Ola as a coach!

Lidia Kraków

I came to Ola for coaching sessions based on the recommendation from a person I trust -eventhough I myself had a slightly skeptical approach to this type of venture. From the first session it I knewit was a very good decision. My goal was to take radical action to change my professional life. Ola can listen patiently and ask the right questions. Thanks to the comfortable and friendly atmosphere, I could honestly talk about all my professional frustrations, and through interesting and insightful exercises during sessions I changed my attitude to myself, found my weaknesses (and interestingly) strengths. Ola helped me define my professional priorities and how I can start pursuing them. She is a competent person supervising the client, concrete and with a professional approach, which I value very much in the people I work with. During the session, Ola raised a number of issues related to my professional life, which I would never have thought of myself, and which constituted a feeling of powerlessness and a very pessimistic view of the future. The sessions opened my eyes to some problems in my professional career and ways of thinking. As a result, I decided to make not one but several decisions about my future. Ola has helped me a lot, for which I thank her and encourage others to cooperate with her if they want to work on their better future.